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Kelantan, located in the northeastern region of Peninsular Malaysia, is a state known for its rich cultural heritage, traditional craftsmanship, and natural beauty. Kelantan, which is sometimes called the "Cradle of Malay Culture," is proud of the powerful Malay identity that it has managed to retain via its rituals, arts, and traditional practices. Kota Bharu, the capital and largest city of the state, is the cultural and economic hub of the region. Here, tourists may take in the thriving local arts scene, discover historical sites, and feel the warmth of Kelantanese hospitality.

Culturally speaking, Wayang Kulit (shadow puppetry), Mak Yong (traditional dance-drama), and Dikir Barat (traditional Malay music) are among Kelantan's most well-known traditional performing arts. Cultural events like the yearly Kelantan Traditional Arts Festival (Kraftangan Kelantan) frequently feature these art forms, giving local performers and artists a stage to display their skills and save their cultural legacy.

Kelantan's mosques, palaces, and traditional wooden homes with elaborate carvings and vivid colors are examples of the city's architectural legacy. The Istana Jahar, a converted royal mansion, displays traditional Malay jewelry, textiles, and antiquities while providing insights into Kelantan's royal past. Concurrently, the state's religious variety and cultural influences are reflected in the magnificent majesty of Tumpat's Wat Phothivihan (Reclining Buddha Temple) and the elaborate construction of the Sultan Ismail Petra Mosque.

With its immaculate beaches along the east coast, such Pantai Cahaya Bulan (Moonlight Beach) and Pantai Irama (Beach of Melody), which provide chances for swimming, tanning, and water sports, nature lovers will find Kelantan to be equally enthralling. Hiking paths, waterfalls, and animal encounters may be found in the inland deep rainforests of Taman Negara National Park and the biodiversity-rich Gunung Stong State Park, which attract both eco-tourists and thrill-seekers. Visitors are enthralled by Kelantan's captivating combination of natural beauty, historical charm, warmth, and cultural authenticity. A rich and immersive experience that captures the spirit of Malay culture and the diversity of Malaysia's northeastern state, Kelantan offers activities such as experiencing its traditional arts, taking in its architectural marvels, unwinding on its beaches, and hiking through its jungles.